Retaining Walls

The Preferred Providers of Concrete Retaining Walls

Manage the shape of your garden or unstable sections of soil using our reliable products. Ashley’s Fencing can supply and install CCA treated pine or hardwood retaining walls to ensure sections of earth are held back effectively. We build walls up to 1 meter in height. Whether you are retaining land or a making a garden bed in the Gold Coast, we do it all.


Our wall construction process

All timber sleepers are CCA treated and concreted into the ground the required depth. Depth depends on the height of the wall/ load etc.

All of our retaining solutions have Geo Fabric attached to the reverse side of the wall to reduce moisture collecting. 20mm drainage gravel or crushed concrete will be back filled, with a slotted socked agi pipe to help with drainage.

75mmx200mmx2400mm CCA treated sleepers used as upright posts. Horizontal 50mm or 75mmx200mmx2400mm used depending on load and application. All sleepers fixed into place using 125mmx14G hot dipped bugle batten screws.


Benefits of utilising a retaining wall

This style of wall is integral in holding back earth. This can be anything from a small bed of garden soil right through to hillsides. Any house that’s built in a hilly area will require such a wall after excavation to ensure earth doesn’t fall onto the property during severe weather. At Ashley’s Fencing we provide everything from small landscaping walls through to re-enforced excavated retaining walls for Gold Coast and Gainsborough Greens home owners.


Interested in our other services?

Our qualified team is also equipped to provide timber fencing and pool fences for either residential or commercial locations. Ask our team about our Colorbond solutions or click on the provided link for more.

All the products we build are custom engineered and built for each client. If you would like to request a detailed quote from us then give us a call today. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs.

Contact us on 0416 890 070 to book a consultation for our concrete retaining walls available on the Gold Coast.